How can I become a member of in terra pax?

in terra pax is an international organization with three main organizational parties (Poland, Germany, France). To participate at in terra pax, you should apply to the organization of the country you live in or feel closest to, using the respective application form. If in doubt, you can contact us at germany@interrapax.org and we will forward your request to the responsible organization. This organization will then contact you for detailed information. Deadline for applications is each year on April 30th. Since we want to spread the ideas and promote the concept of in terra pax, new members will be preferred in the selection.

What is the musical level?

The choir academy in terra pax has a high amateur level. Please be aware that in terra pax is not a vacation.  6-8 hours of rehearsal are scheduled per day and the repertoire is challenging. There is no audition, however, singers should be well-versed amateurs or music students. Rehearsals are held in English.

Who are the other singers?

About 50 young singers from all over Europe: Ambitioned amateurs, music students and professional musicians.

What are the costs?

Cost are about 200 € for the working session and about the same for the concert trip. This includes acommodation and meals. Transportation to and from Międzyzdroje must be paid for by every member individually. Please contact your local organization for details.

Where does in terra pax take place?

The working session takes place every year in Międzyzdroje, on the Polish peninsula Wollin, north of Stettin. Międzyzdroje is a small town at the Baltic Sea shore. Enjoy the white beach and the Baltic Sea! The concert tours go to different places around Europe.

How do I get to Międzyzdroje?

Once you get to Stettin, there is a local train from Stettin about every two hours. There is a Ryan Air airport close to Stettin. Another possibility is to take a plane to Berlin and go the rest of the way by train there. Many German singers arrive via Berlin, so there is a chance somebody can pick you up there. From Berlin you have to take local trains via Angermünde (or Pasewalk) to Stettin and from there to Międzyzdroje.

How do you pronounce Międzyzdroje?


What is not required?

  • Your personal items for one week. Days are warm, nights can be rather cold!
  • Pencil for rehearsals
  • Water bottle
  • A mug for coffee/tea, to avoid plastic waste
  • Cough drops
  • Swimming gear
  • Black concert clothes (gentlemen: black suit, white shirt)

What is not required?

  • Bed linen and towels
  • Folder for sheet music

I still have questions…

Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions!