Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about « in terra pax ». If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I become a singer of « in terra pax »?

Very easy! If the registration for the next « in terra pax » session is currently going on, just apply! Else, contact us and we will inform you about upcoming sessions. Because one of the main ideas of « in terra pax » is the promotion of our idea, new members will be preferred in the selection.

So everybody can become a singer?!

Yes. But every singer should be aware of the fact that « in terra pax » is not a vacation. Every day there are 6-8 hours of rehearsal and the repertoire is challenging. Potential singers should therefor be music students or well-versed amateurs. We give preference to young singers and new members.

Who are the other singers?

About 60 young people from Poland, Germany, France and other European countries, mostly students of music.

When and how can I apply?

This depends on your country of origin. Please contact the organization you feel closest to. If you don’t know, don’t worry, just contact anyone, we will get your application to the right place! You can also use the web form to request information. Registration ends at March 31st every year, « in terra pax » takes places at the end of June.

How much does it cost?

Cost are about 200 Euro for the working session and about the same for the concert trip. This includes acommodation and meals. Transportation to and from Międzyzdroje must be paid for by every member individually. Please contact your local organization for details.

Where does « in terra pax » take place?

The working session takes place every year in Międzyzdroje, on the Polish peninsula Wollin, north of Stettin. The concert tour goes to a different place every year, usually to France, Germany or Poland.

How do I get to Międzyzdroje?

Once you get to Stettin, there is a local train from Stettin about every two hours. There is a Ryan Air airport close to Stettin. Another possibility is to take a plane to Berlin and go the rest of the way by train there. Many German singers of « in terra pax » arrive via Berlin, so there is a chance somebody can pick you up there. From Berlin you have to take local trains via Angermünde (or Pasewalk) to Stettin and from there to Międzyzdroje.

How do you pronounce Międzyzdroje?

[Myen-sees-dro-ye] (or something similar…)

How can I get more information?

This web site contains a lot of information, or else you can always contact us!