Jose Ramon Perez Cebrian

Jose Ramon Perez Cebrian was born in 1948 in Losa des Obispo near Valencia, Spain. He studied music at the Conservatory and the University of Valencia. Both faculties confered upon him the title of professor.

Professor Perez founded three choirs: the mixed choir “Virgen de Loreto“ at the University of Madrid, a childerns’ choir at the St.Stanislaw Koski School, Madrid, and the Sant Yago Choir of the University of Madrid. He conducted the latter for 20 years and won – together with the choir – several awards in Spain as well as the first place at the International Choral Contest of Johannesburg-Roodeport, South Africa, and the second place at the festival in Powell River, Canada.

He worked as a public inspector of the primary schools of Valencia and is director of the Festival Millennium Pace, which takes place every two years in Valencia. Furthermore, he often co-operates with orchestras and choirs from all over the world, especially from Poland.

Professor Perez was awarded the Medal of Polish Culture for his merits by the Polish government. The City of Szczecin, Poland, honored him with the Gold Medal of the Society of the Friends of Szczecin. Finally, he gained diplomas from the Technical University of Szczecin and the Marszalek Szczecin.

In 1998 Jose Ramon Perez Cebrian was conductor of the German-Polish Choral Academy „in terra pax“.