About in terra pax

The goal of the international choir “in terra pax” (“peace on earth”) is to support the exchange between people, cultures and ideas.

The choir is formed anew every year. It consists of 60 singers from different countries (Poland, Germany and France), who meet at the Polish town of Międzyzdroje at the Baltic Sea. In the course of one week, a challenging a capella program is rehearsed with the choir by internationally famous choral conductors. The prepared program is then presented at the International Festival of Choral Song in Międzyzdroje, and if possible at other international festivals.

“in terra pax” offers young students of music as well as ambitiuos amateurs an opportunity to sing together and build bridges between the different cultures and share experiences.

The rehearsal week

Our intense rehearsal week takes place in the Polish town of Miedyzydroje at the Baltic Sea. Several internationally famous choral conductors from different countries work with the choir to piece together a challenging and entertaining a capella program. An overview about the repertoire of previous years can be found in the program archieve.

Meeting others and getting acquainted

At “in terra pax”, young people from all over the world meet and bring with them their cultures and experiences. This is reflected in a cherished tradition of “in terra pax”: the “presentation evening”. Every delegation from a country and a choir prepares a small performance to represent their country for this evening. The wild mix of musical performances, dance, theatre and other surprising presentations is always a highlight of the rehearsal week.

Exchanging experiences

By working with several conductors from different countries, the rehearsals and the concert program form an extraordinarily varied and interesting experience. Besides singing yourself, there is also the possibility to listen to the concerts of the International Festival of Choral Song in Międzyzdroje which takes place at the same time than in terra pax.


Miedyzydroje is a small town at the Baltic Sea, near to the Polish-German border. The town has a nice beach that can be visited during the breaks. The international choir festival and the concert of “in terra pax” take place in the “Dom Kultury”, the cultural center at the beach promenade.

Concerts and concert tours

The prepared program is then presented in a concert at the International Festival of Choral Song in Międzyzdroje. Usually, shortly after the rehearsal week, there is a concert with further concerts to Germany, France or some other interesting place. We have a list of previous concert tours.


If you are interested in participating in the next session, you may also want to read the page participate for more practical information.