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After the fall of the “Iron Curtain”, the German-Polish choral academy in terra pax has made an important contribution to overcoming the division of Europe. Through our choir project, over 1000 young people from Poland and Germany were able to overcome their differences with the help of music and lay the foundation for a friendship. We got to know and appreciate each other and we built many bridges between our nations. Encouraged by the success we extended our efforts.

However, year after year in terra pax is faced with serious financing problems. The financial assistance from the Foundation of Poland-German Cooperation, which funded us from the start, has been reduced gradually since 1998 and has ceased completely since 2009. In the beginning we have been able to make up for this by raising the fee for the participants. But now we have reached the limit of what we can reasonably expect of our participants.

Hence our call: Please support the International Choir Academy in terra pax! Even with a small amount you allow our idea to live on.

In Germany and France we have a founded a non-profit association for in terra pax. Your donations there are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt about your donation.

If you would like to act as a sponsor for in terra pax with your company, we will of course be happy to give you the opportunity to present you to our concert audience on our posters, tickets and programmes. Additionally, we offer to list you as our sponsor on our website with a link to your web presence. We are of course also open to any suggestions from your side.

Make a contribution and support us!
We thank you very much on behalf of all our members