Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all members and friends of in terra pax.

The schedule for 2015 is not final yet, but the current plan is as follows:
Next year there will be two big anniversaries, the choir festival is taking place for the 50th time and it’s the 25th edition of in terra pax. Therefore everything will be a little bit different. The working week in Miedzyzdroje will likely start Friday June 19th and end on Saturday June 27th 2015. The festival is already scheduled for the weekend of June 20th-21st, that’s why our start date will also be earlier and afterwards there will be other special concerts in Miedzyzdroje.

Right after we’d like to organize a concert tour in Poland. The idea is to take the bus from Stettin to Krakow and have concerts in different cities. If everything works out the tour will end with a final concert in Krakow on July 3rd 2015. Whether the trip can take place and further details will be announced next year.

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