Jean-Baptiste Bertrand : Artistic director of IN TERRA PAX

Conductor and professor of art education territorial choral (Ministry of Culture) at the National Conservatory of St Etienne for 7 years, then the control of the General Council of the Loire, Jean-Baptiste BERTRAND was a student of KAWKA Daniel, Philippe CAILLARD. He deepened his research into the choir to the master Eric Ericson (Stockholm Conservatory, National Radio Choir Swedish). During numerous trips to Poland, he studied with Master Yan SZYROCKI.

Conductor and Music Director:

– September 2011 : Appointed artistic and pedagogic director of “Maîtrise” of the General Council of the Loire.
– July 2010: appointed Music Director of the International Academy of choral singing “In Terra Pax” for which he has worked since 2002 as a guest conductor alongside Benedykt Blonsky (Pl), Werner Pfaff (Germany), Richard Zielinsky (Usa). Miedzyzdroje – Poland
– July 2010: the representative of France in the “World Choir Council – World Choir Game» Shanghai – China
– He has been also Music Director of the University Choir of St Etienne from 1996 to 2011. He leads the Academy of young singers of the festival “Voices of the Aures” in Normandy since 2009
– The International Festivals of Poznań “Universitas Cantat”, “Miedzyzdroje” but also, more locally, the festival “Musical Summer of the Loire” have a guest conductor.

Trainer and instructor:

¬ Professor of choral singing choral conducting at the National Conservatory of St-Etienne for seven years. He was then invited by Jacques Berthelon to take the role of choir director at the Master of the General Council of the Loire.
As a trainer, Jean Baptiste Bertrand was invited to teach choral conducting for many regional cultural institutions. He has directed or produced numerous works for chorus Directory and / or orchestra (Opera de St-Etienne, Lyon Opera, Lyon Chamber Orchestra, Youth Orchestra of Normandy, CNR Orchestra of St Etienne, Caen and Villeurbanne , orchestra Musica).